ISFJs are always taking care of other people, sometimes at the expense of taking care of themselves. As for everyone in the ISFJ’s life — let’s be real, we desperately need their help and ability to provide the occasional reality check that keeps us from making stupid decisions. ISFJs make dutiful friends, partners and employees, and they care deeply about preserving their cherished traditions and the established order. The ISFJ is the most common of the 16 Myers-Briggs types, making up about 14 percent of the adult U. S. population, according to (Not sure what

But life isn’t always easy for ISFJs, who can become overwhelmed with details and spend so much energy meeting other people’s needs that they neglect their own needs. Enter the Twitter hashtag #ISFJProblems, which examines some of the difficulties that people of this personality type encounter.

What’s it like being an ISFJ? Here are 25 common problems:

1. You take your commitments to others very seriously.

2. The little things matter. A lot.

3. Order and organization are an absolute must for you.

4. You know what works, and you get the job done.

5. Sometimes you drive yourself crazy worrying about the little things.

6. In fact, maybe you worry a bit more than what’s necessary.

7. You love routine and structure, so unexpected changes throw you off.

8. You can be suspicious of others.

9. As an introvert, “fun” means hanging out with just a few close friends or relaxing at home.

10. You care deeply about others, but sometimes you just wish people would get their sh*t together.

11. Crowds and chaos? No, thanks.

12. It’s a little too easy for you to stay in your comfort zone.

13. You tend to analyze, analyze and analyze again — especially when it comes to your relationships.

14. You like being in the background, but sometimes you wish others would recognize the sacrifices you make for them.

15. You worry about what people think of you, because you truly like making others happy.

16. Sometimes you beat yourself up for not meeting your own standards.

17. Self-care is not something you easily do.

18. You’re more sensitive than most people realize.

19. If you could, you’d take on other people’s burdens as your own.

20. You may feel uncomfortable making the first move.

21. You value clear, direct communication but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

22. You rarely neglect your responsibilities.

23. Because you really just want to feel helpful and productive.

24. Even if others don’t notice your contributions.

25. But never forget that the people in your life need what you’re able to give them.


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